• Experienced sales tam with a broad database of customers
  • Understanding of local markets.
  • Experience with sales in air charter services and truck freight
  • Knowledge of regulations and FAA/TSA compliance, as the handling of special loads (DGR, HUM, PER, LIV, etc.)


  • Presence in corporate and promotional events.
  • Distribution of promotional material via email, flyer or social media.
  • Regular visits and calls with customers in order to keep them informed on new services and news from our representatives.

Operations and Customer Service

  • Distribution and monitoring of AWBs.
  • System for reservations and monitoring shipments.
  • Cargo GHA.

Finance and Administration

  • Staff specialized in Cargo Revenue Accounting.
  • Credit and Collection services.
  • Billing CASS
  • Frequent reports tailored to our customers and representatives.