About Us

AirCargoReps offers General Sales Agent services for multiple airlines in different countries in North & South America. AirCargoReps has grown to become one of the leading GSAs of the Americas. AirCargoReps achieves this accolade by instilling a team with leadership, teamwork and a vision for the future in our offices located in Santiago, Lima, Bogota, Sao Paulo and our headquarter, Miami.



Developing business strategies in air freight logistics, offering exceptional service to all our clients with professionalism, and treating their interests as they were our own.

Leading by example in experience, customer service, and integrity for all GSSAs worldwide. Breaking the barrier between GSSA and Airline allowing a flawless experience for clients.

History of the Company

AirCargoReps was founded by Joaquin Echeverria. Joaquin began this company under DSV, named after his kids, in 1997. Joaquin changed the company’s name to AirCargoReps in 2003, and from there the company soared to new heights. Joaquin began expansion of the company and opened ACR in Santiago, Chile. After ACR’s success, he continued expanding offices to Lima, Bogota and the most recent, Sao Paulo.